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Henry Waszczuk Signature Series
Grouper/Snapper/AJ Tackle Kit (PRE-ORDER PRICE)
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Here’s a complete multi species bottom fishing kit for snapper-grouper-amberjack and more, designed by TV host Henry Waszczuk. Besides some top producing jigs we have the terminal tackle to help you catch more fish. Whether you use live bait, squid or fish chunks, these completed rigs “ready to fish” will get you to the bottom where the action is. Here’s what’s included in your Plano Series 3700 tackle box: various sized egg sinkers, 2 snapper rigs at 48” in length with swivels (50 lb fluorocarbon) with 5/0 circle hooks; 2 grouper rigs at 48” in length with swivels (80 lb fluorocarbon) with 7/0 circle hooks; 2 triggerfish, snapper-type double rigs with 50 lb line with swivels and 2/0 circle hooks with numerous lead weights which you can change up when fishing various depths. You also get two Rockport Rattler jigs for bottom fishing, a 2-ounce jig and a 6 ounce one; a 7/8 oz fast drop jigging spoon and we finish this kit off with a stainless steel bait knife.

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