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Henry Waszczuk Signature Series
Offshore Kit (PRE-ORDER PRICE)
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Here’s a complete offshore kit, which will help you catch a variety of fish including mahi mahi, sailfish, cobia, kingfish, tuna, wahoo and more. Included in this Henry Waszczuk Signature Series are fully rigged kits, just tie a secure knot, get the trolling speed right and catch fish. This special kit has 2 wire Kingfish Pro Rigs which you can rig live or dead baits for slow trolling, 2 different colored C&H 2.5 oz. Wahoo Trolling Lures, 2 C&H Tuna Weighted Feathers, 2 C&H Alien Poppers and a Live Target 6” Cigar Minnow trolling bait all nicely placed in a Plano 3700 Tackle Box.

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